The New Wrath

I assure you all that a new wrath is coming someday. The demise of music site Oink has made it impossible for me to continue on making monthly playlists and made discovering new albums quite the chore. It’s quite amazing how music piracy actually made me spend more on records that i would not have otherwise. But alas the well has gone dry and i am still scurrying to find a new source.

So i move forward in finding a new format for the wrath. Album reviews? Music news? Technology? Social Media? Who knows. If you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see in the new wrath, please leave a comment.

February: ‘To Go Home’

A little more upbeat than last month, here is February’s mix.

  1. Maria Taylor – A Good Start
  2. Andrew Bird – Armchairs
  3. Now It’s Overhead – Nothing in Our Way
  4. Tokyo Police Club – Nature of the Experiment
  5. Little Brazil – Packed
  6. The Long Winters – Pushover
  7. Bright Eyes – Endless Entertainment
  8. Graves – Why Stay
  9. The Envy Corps – Rooftop
  10. The Go Find – 25 years
  11. The Little Ones – Heavy Hearts Bridge
  12. Super XX Man – Baby Song


Zip File

The New Year

I am almost certain a new mix is on its way. Its taking me a bit of extra time to go through the three dozen or so new albums I have gotten in this last month, but once i find a good collection of songs I’ll be sure to post them.

December’s Prelude

Brevity may be the theme of December’s mp3 mix, as ive had a bit of a dry spell as far as new mp3’s go. however, i doubt more than 2 people even downloaded the last mix. actually looking at the stats it seems i’m getting quite a few visitors from quetch.

This month’s projects include:
and an untitled Ruby On Rails project.