January: ‘Everything Should Try Again’

January’s Mix came out a bit more somber and mellow than anticipated. Maybe it has to do with the weather. Looking at the titles there seems to be the subtle them of convalescence. or maybe it’s exile. who knows? Enjoy it. if you can…

  1. Super XX Man – I’m Alive Again
  2. The Promise Ring – Things Just Getting Good
  3. The Love of Everything – Nothing Left To Use
  4. Kind of Like Spitting – You Got Served
  5. Graves – Never Mind My Love
  6. Novi Split – I’m Leaving
  7. Cat Power – The Greatest
  8. Explosions in the Sky – So Long, Lonesome
  9. Whiskeytown – Everything I Do
  10. Patrick Watson – The Great Escape
  11. Fingers-Cut, Megamachine! – Mousetrap
  12. Sparrow House – When I Am Gone
  13. Jason Molina – Everything Should Try Again
  14. Headlights – I Love, You Laugh


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10 thoughts on “January: ‘Everything Should Try Again’”

  1. Rosemary Taylor-Whicker – The Griffiths give to all, just take a look at what they have been instrumental in starting at Mitchell Road. Please, they deserve a family portrait and this is the perfect time. (Yes)

  2. Based on Mr. Ellis´s perception the english language should have been boykotted after England colonized/raped half of this globe, but for sure when the USA a-bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki!Looking at what is happening in Palestina it is time we forbid hebrew in the USA and Europe.Prof. Ellis is a ziocain shill.

  3. Plus de « zorros à Bach »…mais un zéro à moi: Prenzlau est (encore) en Allemagne. Friedrichshain, Traube…Hain..le pré ou quelque chose d’approchant (mais pas le bonheur..hein !).

  4. I strictly try to avoid “I told you so” and feel sorry for people who are compelled to say those words. Doing so is stupid and self-defeating. If I go about honking “I’m right,” others will resent it and look for occasions I’m wrong (and, god knows, they’ll find ‘em!). If I make no such claims but others come to find my opinions reliable, they’ll say so. A good reputation is worth SO much more than a good boast!

  5. promax81 dit :Salut !La première fois que cela t’arrive tu peux excuser , la deuxième fois ça fait deux fois de trop .En plus ils vont trouver l’hotel bon et pas cher , et voudront revenir souvent .Ils ne sont pas radins ils sont profiteurs , ce n’est pas la même chose , un radin portera un gateau et des fleurs du supermarché tandis qu’un profiteur ne portera rien .Fais comme eux , ils se lasseront

  6. Nous sommes des hommes. On voit ce qu’on voit, point. La subtilité, les sens cachés et autres phénomènes semblables ne font pas totalement partie intégrante de notre système.Il faut mettre de l’avant, ce pourquoi nous voulons être perçus. (Ça vaut pour tout le monde, btw)

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