February: ‘To Go Home’

A little more upbeat than last month, here is February’s mix.

  1. Maria Taylor – A Good Start
  2. Andrew Bird – Armchairs
  3. Now It’s Overhead – Nothing in Our Way
  4. Tokyo Police Club – Nature of the Experiment
  5. Little Brazil – Packed
  6. The Long Winters – Pushover
  7. Bright Eyes – Endless Entertainment
  8. Graves – Why Stay
  9. The Envy Corps – Rooftop
  10. The Go Find – 25 years
  11. The Little Ones – Heavy Hearts Bridge
  12. Super XX Man – Baby Song


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5 thoughts on “February: ‘To Go Home’”

  1. it looks nice, but that alone does not make a good game, if i just wanted looks i would go watch a movie, it plays a lot like Thor ecepxt Thor had different ways of swinging his hammer, this is just spam punch and hold triangle(ps3) to shoot. the story is something that has been done so many times Hh no I must go save my daughter but that i can look past, the gameplay is so piss poor that i rate it a 1/10 and that’s because 1 is as low as you can go. the gameplay is repetitive, you dont grow as a character (you are just 1 note GRR IM ANGRY:time passes: NOW IM EVEN ANGRIER!!! ) you don’t gain any new skills, hey look now i have 6 arms, any difference? NOPE i just punch and shoot, Each fight is the exact same thing, even bosses, run in punch enemy/boss till rush meter is full, hit rush, next scene. rush is like this games version of a mid fight cut scene, they just wanted you to feel like you did something special by making you hit a button to advance to the next scene. it is also so effin easy, you have so much health that there is no chance of you dying, even on the final boss fight, i played the game and did not die once, and that’s not because im some gaming god. If my opinion means anything to anyone here (and i honestly doubt it does) DO NOT BUY THIS GAME, at most you should rent it from gamefly, play disgaea or metal gear solid four, something with substance. is there anything good i can say about this game? yes. It makes an okami reference and i liked that game. this is honestly the only game that ever got me angry.

  2. Thanks, anon, I didn't know about the new Alex Rider story! (Not going to read it yet, though, because I still haven't read the final book!)I've covered the release of both 80s M:I seasons, but will eventually get around to posting in-depth reviews of the whole sets to match my other M:I reviews. In fact, the first one will be coming pretty soon!

  3. Please get a grip. The governor currently selects these justices. Soooooooo, whether we have a Republican or Democrat governor, either ideology can pack the court with their selections. At least with this amendment, more people on both sides of the aisle have to weigh in with their approval before a supreme court justice can be confirmed.

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