March: ‘Let’s Get Tired!’

March’s mix was put together somewhat hastily and is mostly a bunch of dudes from Europe with weird voices. Either way. here it is:

  1. Rufus Wainwright – Vicious World
  2. Last Days Of April – Two Ply Glass
  3. Her Majesty – Cut me
  4. Dear and the Headlights – I’m Bored, You’re Amorous
  5. Love Of Everything – Talk For Hours
  6. The Black Keys – The Lengths
  7. Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Let’s Get Tired!
  8. Willy Mason – If The Ocean Gets Rough
  9. Limbeck – Your Story
  10. Jeff London – Happening To Me
  11. Now It’s Overhead – Wonderful Scar
  12. The Wedding Present – Interstate 5


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8 thoughts on “March: ‘Let’s Get Tired!’”

  1. 2011But I have to admit…I was pretty upset when the previous Cast were being replaced last year July 2010 but…I’ll always think of the past memories…It would be a dream for them to come back but I know it’s not possible now…But I liked everyone from the 4Kids cast and Some people from the Orginal Cast and a few amount of people in the current Cast

  2. Perso j’aurais rajouté « Mon père était tellement de gauche » des Fatals Picards (pas de la grande musique mais des paroles nickel pour ce post)Et « La nuit je mens » de Bashung pour l’aspect résistance

  3. I am enjoying reading your blogs. I feel that I should let you know that I'm a reader. There must be lots of us out there and it's nice to have someone comment on your blog.I notice you say that you need another TL, I'm 'just a Library Technician', but I thought that perhaps a tech could be an excellent support to you given the chance. Some of us teach as well as manage libraries.

  4. Hello! Home from work and catching up on the Olympics and all things David! Miss Vicki…David has matured in every aspect of his career! Cn’t wait to see him perform again!Cindy…Thanks for sharing your story…Lucky cousin!Off to Ology to comment while I watch the Olympics!

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