August: ‘Heartbroke’

  1. The Weakerthans – Night Windows
  2. Rilo Kiley – Dreamworld
  3. Cursive – No News Is Bad News
  4. Josh Ritter – To The Dogs Or Whoever
  5. Okkervil River – You Can’t Hold The Hand Of A Rock And Roll Man
  6. Josh Rouse – I Wish We Had
  7. David Dondero – Simple Love
  8. The Rocket Summer – Hold It Up
  9. Ben Lee – Hungry
  10. Magnolia Electric Co. – Hold On Magnolia
  11. The Good Life – You Don’t Feel Like Home


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7 thoughts on “August: ‘Heartbroke’”

  1. Such an insightful post, it gave me so much to think about, Abby.I think I spend too much time trying to find the missing pieces by analysing and over-thinking. Often, when I stop looking, I find that they’ve been in front of me the entire time.And as for Sudoko? NO.

  2. Så, nu har ni läst och svarat osv så nu raderar jag inläggen så får ni fortsätta ta den diskussionen hos Trollan om ni vill så får detta inlägg vara ett renodlat stalkerinlägg.

  3. Thank you for being honest!! I feel like so many pro-CD moms look down upon those that don’t. Good to hear that you’re okay with it not working out. I know my future LOs will have sensitive skin-I couldn’t be CD’d as an infant because I kept getting rashes, too! Again, thx for your honesty!

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