HP & Windows XP Media Center Edition

Another boring day of work. and by work i mean sitting at this desk reading my 2 dozen RSS feeds. between work and home i must have about 100 feeds that get checked.

My computer was being a dick this morning and i had to restore it to factory settings. HP really did a good job at making the OS unusable and bloated. Unfortunately i am stuck with it until I can get a new XP key from school, which is conveniently, on September 7th. So until then i must withhold my full wrath from being unleashed upon this monstrosity of an operating system.

Of course i cant hold back my wrath until then so to curb my appetite today i nailed the bookstore by buying my books online, saving $60. Take THAT bookstore!

17 thoughts on “HP & Windows XP Media Center Edition”

  1. Well Daniel what can I say about branded PC’s. They sometimes makes it so harder to use it. I’m not saying Mac but I’m saying like these giant guys like Dell, HP, Compaq, or whatever. I’ve experienced repairing those kind of PC where it is impossible for me to reach to its compartment. Damn it! Too compact for a geek like me to handle if there’s anything wrong with it. Even I’ve cut my fingers too many times with those kind PCs.

    But anyway, about the software side, they always installed applications that we don’t usually need. That makes it a lot slower to download. Like recently, my friend’s sister just bought a Compaq laptop loaded with Vista. I guess it tends to make her Wow! factor but it seems the Wow! factor is when nothing seems to work with Vista and it is so damn slow. Sigh….

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  4. CarlaGena, nu trebuie să-Å£i pară rău, cred că toÅ£i părinÅ£ii sunt obiÅŸnuiÅ£i, într-un fel, să li se spargă în cap tot felul de oale ÅŸi vini imaginare, din cauza copiilor lor… Limita acceptării, însă, tot noi avem putere de a o trasa. Eu de ce ar trebui să fiu politicoasă cu o persoană care nu poate fi tolerantă cu copiii mei?!

  5. so true!@Fiction Vixen *strokes iphone while saying ‘ my precious’ T.A. Chase has a dragon paranormal m/m romance that I really liked. I really liked Blue’s Bay City Paranormal because the main hero falls in love with a straight guy – some might say it is a bit angsty, but I really enjoyed it. @Heather I had to stop watching Fear Factor – my Edison bill went through the roof ’cause I left all the lights on.@K you just made me smile (during work hours) over that quote.

  6. można pomyśleć nad jakimś projektem, który by pokazywał takie kwiatki. Jakiś wspólny blog?Ja co prawda z czasem mam problem i w nic nowego nie wchodzę, ale u kogoś wpis gościnny mógłbym czasami machnąć w tym temacie.

  7. Bunch of liers ?You will all be rewarded accordingly ! Fellow Nigerians , why is the same Jonathan uncomfortable over the demand for a detailed investigation into the cause of the crash by the Nigerian governors forum ?

  8. It looks to me that this web site doesnt download on a Motorola Droid. Are other folks having the same problem? I like this blog and dont want to have to miss it when Im gone from my computer.

  9. ecco, a me questa ricetta fa un po’ di paura.Perche’ quelle verdure vanno tagliate a rondelle fini fini. e io so gia’ che per risparmiare tempo (?) sarei tentata di usare l’affettatrice. e riuscirei di certo ad affettarmi una falange. non ho ancora capito la dinamica dell’ultima volta, ma riuscirei senz’altro a ripetermi.

  10. Thanks for putting everything you’ve written down in perspective, this might be your most important post ever.Your posts over the past year have been truly inspiring and have me, and a lot of others, believe they can be so much more. Thanks to you I’ve begun reading and have never felt more equipped to deal with the real world (I’ve still got a LONG way to go).

  11. Thank you so much for letting us know about Blog Your Heart Out Day and the issues women face in overcoming heart disease!And thank you for making a difference in my life! Your encouragement and support has meant the world to me!

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