In celebration of finally updating my wordpress from 1.5 to 2.0, which was long long overdue, I am attempting to write a post, also overdue. So lets see.. whats new?


Neva Dinova – Clouds – keeping with the theme of long overdue, Neva Dinova’s new album is no doubt going to be amazing just a few more weeks until it’s release

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Think I Wanna Die – I have been listening to this album almost non-stop the last few weeks.


My First BC Interview? – In a strange turn of events I received an IM the other evening asking to be intereviewed. Why someone would want to interview me is beyond me, but i did my best to be interesting. You be the judge.

Antony Berkman – Tony’s love of widgets has finally inspired him to start a blog to put them on.

Skulls and Bacon – Any blog dealing with Bacon is a blog I want to read.


Pineapple Express – For some reason i am really looking forward to Apatow’s new movie Pineapple Express. Maybe it’s the theme song by Huey Lewis.

Step Brothers – Is it me or are Will Ferrell’s movies getting worse and worse. Either way I want to see this movie